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Jason Norton

Jason is a nationally certified and a Virginia State licensed massage therapist. He is also a nationally certified personal trainer.

Jason has been practicing as a massage therapist in and around the medical massage communities of Richmond and Farmville since 2010. He is able to use his knowledge from his Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Health Science from Longwood University to better understand and implement the benefits of massage therapy for his clients.

Jason is knowledgeable in:

  • Therapeutic massage

  • Sports massage

  • Deep tissue massage

"Massage is sometimes branded as nothing more than an indulgence for the elite. However, the medical and holistic benefits of massage are well-documented. It offers genuine, therapeutic relief for numerous injuries and conditions and is an often overlooked but integral part of a regular health and wellness regimen."

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Heather Cronin

Heather graduated from massage school in 2007 in Boston, MA. During her 10 years as a massage therapist,her therapy has helped people relieve the pain of injuries, stress, and body discomfort, as well as maintain good physical, mental, and spiritual health.

She is knowledgeable in: 

  • Therapeutic & Deep Tissue Massage

  • Prenatal, Post-Partum, Newborn/Infant, and Fertility Massage

  • Reiki- Japanese Healing Touch

  • Lymphatic Detoxification & Cancer Massage

  • Sports Massage

“My vision is to make the power of touch a positive value and necessity. I want people
to receive massage and holistic therapy
regularly not because they have an illness but
because they want to be well.”

“Wellness encompasses a healthy body, a sound mind, and a tranquil spirit. Let me help you on your journey as you strive for wellness.”

Therapeutic Massage

Various massage techniques are combined to increase relaxation and circulation as will decrease pain. 

  • 90 minute ...............$100

  • 60 minute................$65

  • 30 minute................$45

Sports and Deep Tissue Massage

Increased pressure is applied along tight area, with more specific work around joints, to release spasms and adhesions. This is also important to restore flexibility. An excellent way to prepare for an athletic event or to help recover after strenuous activity. 

  • 90 minute ...............$115

  • 60 minute................$75

  • 30 minute................$50

Pregnancy Massage

Therapeutic and relaxation massage designed to target the specific needs of the pregnant woman. Contraindications are kept in mind for the health of both the mother and baby. "Prego Pillow" is used for maximum comfort.

Note: your doctor's written approval will be required after the 7th month of pregnancy.

  • 60 minute................$65

  • 30 minute................$45