Q. What should I expect?

A. You should expect a friendly atmosphere, to be treated in a timely manner, and for your therapist to help you reach your goals. We are here to help equip you and advocate for you.

Q. How long is my initial office visit?

A. The initial evaluation is approximately 45-90 minutes long. You will need to arrive at least 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork. For your convenience, we also have these documents available on our website for you to fill out ahead of time. 

Q. What do I wear to my first visit?


Q. What do I need to bring to my first visit?


Q. Is there anything I should do to prepare for my first Physical Therapy visit?


Q. How long is a typical treatment session?


Q. How long will I be coming to therapy?


Q. Will my doctor know what I am doing in therapy?


Q. What will I do in Physical Therapy?


Q. Is Physical Therapy going to help?


A. You should wear comfortable clothing that allow access to the involved body part. We also encourage you to wear athletic shoes to all visits. 


A. A photo ID, your insurance card, a prescription from your doctor, and any lab reports, diagnostic imaging, or medical reports that may help us in your treatment. There may be a co-payment for your treatment, so you should also bring any form of payment, as we accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. 



A. It would be helpful for your Physical Therapist for you to consider:
                  -at what point of the day are your symptoms at their worst
                  -is there anything that increases your symptoms
                  -is there anything that decreases your symptoms?
                  -when did your symptoms begin? 
                 -which activities are difficult for your to do as a result of your symptoms?

A. This varies between patients, but typically each session is between 45-90 minutes long. If you have any time contraints, please let us know at the beginning of the therapy session, or kindly call ahead to let your therapist know.


A. This is dependent upon your injury, surgery, or difficulties as well as the activities to which you would like to return. Your therapist will discuss this with you during the initial evaluation, as well as throughout the plan of care, as you progress. 


A. Your therapist will send over a detailed initial evaluation as well as progress notes throughout your plan of care. Please let your therapist know when you are scheduled to return to your Physician, so that a doctor's note can be sent to your Physician.


A. Your treatments will likely be a combination of exercises tailored to your needs as well as manual interventions and modalities, or Physical Therapy equipment to help you decrease pain and make progress toward your goals.


A. Physical Therapy has been found to help prevent surgery, decrease pain, improve function, but there are no guarantees that you will recover 100%. Your therapist will discuss appropriate goals for you and be able to communicate appropriate expecations for recovery.

This website may have further helpful information for you to prepare for Physical Therapy